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DURUM’s commitment to investing in new technological advances, as they relate to material science and process application has resulted in several recent developments that have demonstrated superior performance in terms of reducing wear on critical downhole tools while improving consistency in harsh/aggressive drilling environments.

Primarily, non-magnetic drill collars are used to reduce the interference of the magnetic fields that may affect dedicated directional equipment. In respect, DURUM has focused their efforts towards developing new materials for the hard-facing non-magnetic drill collars and stabilizers with the specific intent of minimizing magnetic survey errors.

Materials for non-magnetic hard-facing include:

- PTA Powders
- Laser Powders
- Flux Cord Wires

All wires and powders are available with or without Fused Tungsten Carbide, Spherical Tungsten Carbide and extra hard Special Carbides to effectively accommodate virtually any application.


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